Thursday, February 21, 2008

Series 6 Sponsorship - Test Sponsor

To sit for the Series 6 exam you must be sponsored by a FINR brokerage firm. This basically means you have been hired by them, they require the Series 6 license and they will provide sponsorship.

Many companies will look to hire financial advisors or mutual fund brokers and put in their job description that having a Series 6 is a "plus" when applying. Well, if you are not currently working for a brokerage firm or have left the business longer than 2 years (time when the Series 6 and other licenses expire unless transferred to another firm), you will not have this license and have no way to take it prior to joining a new firm.

There are some firms that will provide sponsorship if you affiliate or sell for them with your license. There are major firms looking for independent brokers and advisors nationwide. These companies will sponsor for the Series 6 or Series 7, but they will only do so for people who are experienced financial professionals (CPA's, Attorneys, Insurance Agents or other people with clients).

American Investment Training has connections to many companies including Fortune 500 large firms. Fill out their broker contact form. There is no fee or registration required. The info is sent to a few of the bigger firms they work with. Series 6 or Series 7 license sponsorship could be given. This will only be possible for people who can and want to make money for themselves AND for the firm. Make sure you put in as much business information as possible. Already Licensed? Even better.


Series Sponsorship - Independent Broker

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